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Berry Branches

Handcrafted Porcelain Dolls & supplies

High quality dolls painted by a Doll Artisan Guild Instructor

Effie Iliopoulos

Doll Artisan Guild Instructor, Master Educator, Triple Crown of Dollmaking

I started dollmaking in 1989.  I could not believe someone could make such wonderful dolls.  They were nothing like I had seen in any shop.


I made a few for all my children and nieces at the time.  Then my husband, my children and I moved to New York.  Finally found somewhere in New York where I could make dolls.  Started teaching at the YMCA then open up a studio in my home in Scarsdale.

We then moved to Japan I became very busy teaching dolls 5 days a week.


Our next move was Hong Kong where once again I started more classes.


When I returned home I once again stated a new studio where I taught from home,

until I purchased an established business, where we were now not only teaching dollmaking but manufacturing doll moulds, supplying doll products all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

I ran the Victorian Doll Show and Doll Artisan Guild Conventions in Melbourne and many seminars for Dollmaking.

 After retiring and moving to a smaller space I need to sell some of my treasures and my supplies. It is hard to part with my dolls but over the years I have made so many.

I am sure everyone will get as much joy from them as I have.


China Paints

Seeley's China Paints the last of my stock 



As Selection of Wigs for your Doll 


Books for Sale

My own collection of reference Books in great condition


Doll Supplies

Find all the supplies needed

to create your own

Porcelain Doll 

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Phone:0403 353 114

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